MiddleVR’s Laval 2012 award

MiddleVR – A plugin to simplify VR developments

MiddleVR award : 09 – Ingénierie, Montage et Maintenance

« i’m in VR » is a software company providing immersive virtual reality applications and services. Our ambition is to simplify virtual reality.

« MiddleVR for Unity » is a virtual reality plugin for the popular and powerful « Unity » 3D engine by « Unity Technologies ».With MiddleVR, you can, in a few minutes, add VR capabilities to your Unity applications and use them in most immersive systems :

  • Head-mounted displays,
  • Immersive cubes,
  • Holostages,
  • Holobenches,
  • Powerwalls,
  • 3DTVs

MiddleVR handles :

  • the management of interaction devices (3D trackers, Kinect…),
  • stereoscopic displays,
  • multi-computers synchronisation (cluster),
  • high-level interactions : navigation, 3d objects manipulation,
  • dynamic adaptation of your application from one VR system to another.

Moreover, thanks to its SDK, MiddleVR can be adapted to other 3D engines/applications.

Video here


Source : Laval