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Streamcore introduces new Streamgroomer for branch offices with hybrid or redundant wan access links


New SG350 Appliance Ensures WAN Performance for Branch Offices with Dual Access Routers
San Francisco, Calif.

─August 1, 2011─

Streamcore, the provider of WAN 2.0 assurance solutions to enable reliable delivery of business-critical Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) over any cloud, today has introduced its new StreamGroomer 350 (SG350) appliance for mid-sized branch offices. Today, many branch offices have two WAN access links. Some sites have redundant MPLS connectivity for high availability purposes. Other branch offices have a single MPLS access and a direct local Internet access, which may be used to connect the branch to the corporate data center with IPSec technology or to provide a direct Internet gateway. In either case, the performance of business-critical traffic and SaaSbased applications exchanged over those access links must always be monitored and guaranteed.
Similarly, IP telephony and desktop video, whether delivered over MPLS or an Internet link, must be monitored and guaranteed for high quality.


Streamcore’s SG350 gives these branch offices an affordable way to achieve excellent application and communication performance with data transmission up to 20 megabits per second. The SG350 has two pairs of LAN/WAN ports and sits in-line between the local area network (LAN) and two routers. It is fully transparent with fail-to-wire capability, allowing the appliance to function transparently if power is lost.


The SG350 is part of Streamcore’s StreamGroomer product family, which meets a wide array of networking needs from data centers to small branch offices, depending upon data rates and traffic volumes to be processed. StreamGroomers regulate network traffic exchanged between LANs and wide area networks (WANs). Streamcore has developed the most advanced technology to monitor and control the performance of applications and unified communications.


“The new SG350 fills an important need for IT managers struggling with communication or application performance challenges at mid-sized branch offices,” said Frederic Hediard, Streamcore’s vice president of product strategy. “Now, with this new appliance, IT managers can cost-effectively combine visibility and control at branch offices with hybrid networks or high availability MPLS connectivity. They can ensure a positive experience for end-users over each access link.”


The SG350 will be commercially available as of September 1, 2011.



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